Betty Nyagoha


Betty Nyagoha is the Director of Gatoto Integrated Development Programme (GIDP). She has the overall responsibility of ensuring effective governance, directing the organisation and its main partner Gatoto Community Primary School’s operations. Betty helped establish GIDP to initially assist in steering the school, particularly in its engagement with the Government of Kenya. GIDP is an educational and health focused NGO based in Nairobi, Kenya. She also serves on the Board of GIDP where she is accountable to the Board for setting goals and delivering on them.

Prior to founding GIDP, Betty resigned from a financially secure informal food business in Nairobi’s Industrial area. In 1994, together with a few village elders, Betty helped set up Gatoto Community Primary School to serve disadvantaged children of the Mukuru Slums in Nairobi. At the time only one school existed then to serve the slum’s population of 40,000. Notable is the fact that she was entering into an education field without relevant training, but with prior teaching experience from a government school in the Rift Valley. Despite this Betty had a strong passion and was committed to making a lasting difference in the Mukuru Community. This dedication has resulted in a phenomenal growth for Gatoto, with more than 200 children having been supported through secondary level education and tens through college.

Betty is a graduate of Education from the University of Nairobi and she recently completed an Advanced Certificate in Social Innovation Management through the Amani Institute in Nairobi. She has a passion for equity in universal access to education. She possesses strong skills in planning, prioritizing and delegating tasks, motivating teams to reach their best, and following through to ensure success. Betty is a dynamic public speaker, enjoys watching movies and having a good laugh.

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