Who we are

We are a Kenyan registered NGO with the mandate to deliver high quality educational interventions at primary, post primary and community level through partnerships with schools.

Our Core Values


We respect all people’s rights, and we stress mutual respect for individuals.


We believe in the equality of all people regardless of their gender, ethnicity or social standing.

Devotion to duty

We go beyond the call of duty for our children.


We are committed to highest standards of ethics and responsibility.

The people

Fundamentally, people determine the success or failure of any organization. Given our extremely limited resources, this is especially true for Gatoto. The high demand for jobs in Kenya allows us to find top-quality staff, even though we cannot afford to pay high salaries. The staff are extremely dedicated to the success of Gatoto, as it provides their livelihood as well as creating an opportunity for the children in the community. The community itself helps manage and financially support the school.

the staff

There are currently 28 teachers and 14 members of the support staff, including the School Director, an Accountant, Librarian, a Groundskeeper, Guards, Cooks and a Social Worker. Great attention is paid when selecting new staff to ensure their commitment to education and the principles of the school.

The majority of the teachers are certified at a “P1” level or higher, and some have over 10 years experience. The staff are proud of what the school has accomplished in the past and are confident in its potential for the future. In fact, many volunteer their free time to participate in activities to sustain Gatoto, such as helping to create grant proposals for fundraising.

the administration

The school is run by the Head and Deputy Head Teachers who report to the School Director. The management team is heavily involved with the long-term vision and development of the school, as well as fundraising.



At Gatoto Primary the pupils range from age 5 -15 although some are aged over 15 due to late enrolment. These children live in cramped, unsanitary conditions and often work long hours at a very young age. Without any education, they have little hope of bettering their lives.

Gatoto provides these children with a positive, safe and clean learning environment. The children are treated with respect and are taught to treat others with the same. To ensure high standards of conformity to child safety and welfare, GIDP facilitated the development of a Child Protection Policy. All new staff are trained on the provisions of the policy.

Parents in a past meeting.


The school was started by members of the community, for the community. It is completely run by the Management Team and a Parents Committee. This committee is elected annually by parents to advise on the management of the school. As specified by the Kenyan Education Act, the committee is run by an internally-elected chairman. The community respects the value of the school for their children, and supports the project.

Gatoto recognizes that for children to consistently perform well, improve their behavior, social skills and adaptation to school, parents must be involved in their development. We strive to create a conducive learning space to support children’s academic achievement. Parents are also encouraged to maintain both one on one interaction with subject teachers and the school, discuss school activities with their children and monitor and supervise their out of school activities.

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